New curbs

New curbs

Srinagar and many other districts of Jammu and Kashmir are witnessing an increasing number of covid positive cases, sending alarm bells in the administration to tackle the situation.

Tensing the second wave of coronavirus, authorities on April 20, decided to impose night curfew in all the districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

The government said that they have enhanced the reach and capacity of testing facilities besides going for vaccination for the age group above 45 years.

Recently the government decided to go for a 34 hour long weekend curfew as a first step to break the cycle of the second wave of covid-19. It was followed by imposition and implementation of section 144 in Srinagar city especially within its municipal limits.

Now the government has in a fresh order decided to impose curfew in 11 districts of Jammu and Kashmir from 7pm of Thursday till Monday 7am.

The latest lockdown is the response of the government to the continued surge in the covid positive cases as the fragile health care system is already showing the signs of wilting under the pressure.

Will such measures do anything to flatten the curve of covid-19 is to be seen. The past experience of lockdown for months has not yielded any healthy result.

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