Hassle free movement

Hassle free movement

During the 84 hours lockdown ordered by the government in 11 districts of Jammu and Kashmir especially in Srinagar city is getting good public response.

The administration has assured people that this lockdown has been imposed not only to flatten the curve but also to ensure the safety of those people who are not infected.

During this covid curfew administration has directed police that there should be hassle free movement vehicles and officials who are doing essential services in this pandemic.

Srinagar administration after getting the huge number of people to their office for getting curfew passes decided that those people who were connected with essential services including doctors and journalists should show their identity cards in order to move on the streets.

The district head of Srinagar also took to twitter in order to ensure the people of the city that all the essential services would be allowed to perform their duties.

He also appealed to people of the city to stay indoors during this curfew period so that more and more people do not get the infection, people in the Srinagar city have responded to such calls and have stayed indoors.

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