Ladakh covid

Ladakh covid

Ladakh is witnessing a sharp increase in covid-19 cases and its spread is alarming. Ladakh’s COVID-19 tally climbed to thousands while the death toll mounted to hundreds as dozens more people succumbed to the disease.

Ladakh has become again a hotspot in the second wave of covid-19 especially the Leh as hundreds of outside labourers were transported to Leh for different developmental projects.

The UT administration of Ladakh has asked the Beacon and other developmental agencies not to bring outside labourers due to the spread of covid-19. Recently dozens of outside labourers were tested positive in Leh and the authorities asked the Beacon to quarantine them.

In the Sanam Narbo Memorial hospitals of Leh there are dozens of patients admitted with complications and some of them are in a serious condition.

The death toll in Leh is alarming in the second wave as the experts and doctors are saying that infection has spread among the locals also.

The UT administration of Ladakh is trying to fight back and are trying to augment all the resources in the hospitals especially the oxygen supply.

According to the hospitals authorities of Ladakh they have enough stocks of medicines related to covid and have also decided to enhance the bed capacity of the hospitals besides making separate arrangements for the new covid infected patients if at all the need arises.

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