Dip in tourism

Dip in tourism

Second wave of covid-19 has brought gloom in the tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir. The recent decision of the government to impose lockdown and earlier restriction to bring the covid wave under control have hit the tourism sector badly here.

In the second wave all the advance bookings to Jammu and Kashmir almost all have been cancelled and the Industry facing serious economic crisis. After several years of no tourism, Jammu and Kashmir was expecting a huge rush of tourists in this season.

The second wave of covid has broken the back of the tourism industry and the several years of low tourism have already forced the family connected with this trade to look for the means of survival.

The government in the spring season tried to give a new shape to the tourism industry and conducted many cultural shows in order to attract tourists back here.

The government also opened a tulip garden and thousands of locals along with travellers visited the garden triggering controversy. Many people have alleged that lack of sops while opening the tourism in the spring season has resulted in the current wave and they have blamed the administration for the present growing number of covid infections.

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