Do more

Do more

Oxygen supply to the hospitals and to patients who have been facing oxygen concentration drop at home is becoming the problem. Most of the patients who were at home under quarantine, facing the problem of drop in oxygen levels are not getting the oxygen cylinders from the private outlets so that they can manage themselves at home.

The government should do more and understand that thousands of patients who were tested positive to covid-19 virus, are under home quarantine and many of them need uninterrupted oxygen supply which they have procured from private outlets.

The government is not understanding the gravity of the problem and what will happen to those patients who are at home and need oxygen supply for the maintenance of oxygen concentration.

The government is only appointed a committee which will monitor supply of oxygen to the hospitals in Kashmir and there is no mention of what will happen to those patients who are at home and have somehow maintained themselves by getting oxygen supplies of their requirement from the market.

In such an atmosphere it is the duty of the government to instil confidence among the common people that they are not only aware of their problem but they also know how to mitigate it.

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