Authorities have decided to extend corono curfew in Jammu and Kashmir by another week after having an assess situation on ground. Strict curfew was enforced on Eid-ul-Fitr so that people do not mingle with each other and there is no violation of SOPs prescribed by the government.

Despite all these efforts by the administration, there is no flattening of the curve in the second wave of pandemic as the number of deaths has increased even during the time of curfew while as the corono positive cases are also increased in Jammu and Kashmir. Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha recently held a high level meeting and in a virtual feedback from all the district chiefs and police heads of the districts, he decided to extend the corono curfew till May 24.

Despite all these efforts second wave of the pandemic is spreading in entire Jammu and Kashmir while as the people are knocking the doors of hospitals for treatment in Jammu and Kashmir.

Common people have no idea about the treatment and when go to hospitals and how they can approach doctors virtually for the treatment of covid 19.

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