DDC chairman of Srinagar says pushed to fringes

DDC chairman of Srinagar says pushed to fringes

By: Javeed Bhat MK


Recently elected DDC chairman of Srinagar Aftab Malik has claimed that he is not being in loop for any developmental projects or for fighting the pandemic.

 According to a Hindustan Times report, Aftab Malik has been quoted as saying that the Governor’s administration has reduced them to rubber stamps.

He said that despite being elected by the people, the JK administration is not consulting him for the battle against covid-19.

“In the last five months, neither I nor my members have been able to do a single developmental work. I and my members feel that we are just mere rubber stamps,” Aftab Malik said, complaining that he was mostly confined to a room at Srinagar’s circuit house, his new home due to security considerations, HT quoted him in its report

Malik has further said, “Even the people who came out to vote for me or my DDC members last year feel we can’t do anything for them, which hurts us”.

“The officials are doing everything of their own and don’t feel that representatives of the people need to be involved… Nobody asks us (for our views) or bothers to involve us,” he said, adding that the DDC had been left to fend for themselves and struggle to make payments even for fuel or the circuit house, HT report further said.

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