Bad condition of covid designated hospitals in Srinagar

Bad condition of covid designated hospitals in Srinagar

By: Musaib Iqbal MK


Media has been picking up stories from the social media platforms where the people are uploading videos and photographs showing the poor condition of covid designated hospitals in Srinagar.

While some attendants have posted dogs being present in the wards of CD hospital Dalgate Srinagar, a video has been uploaded showing the scuffle between the attendants for the distribution of oxygen cylinders in SMHS hospital.

Poor management of covid designated hospitals of Srinagar coupled with the complaints that some patients died due to the pure negligence of doctors in CD hospital of Srinagar needs attention of authorities.

Most of the bureaucrats in the health sector refuse to talk to the media and they have issued circulars to doctors not to speak about the condition of hospitals to the media.

With such suppression of facts when the media people want to cross check complaints and allegations about the poor management of covid designated hospitals, the only available facts available on the social media are in the form of videos and pictures from these hospitals.

Most of the attendants have complained that in CD hospital of Srinagar they are being forced to purchase some medicines from outside while they are present in the supplies of the hospital.

Similarly most of the covid positive patients were told to go for the immunity booster injection, purchased from the markets at the rate rupees 11000 for three injections.

Many poor patients were forced to purchase these injections and some attendants have claimed that the senior doctors especially the HOD’s etc. of CD hospital have received kick batch backs from the company of immunity boosters.

When this reporter tried to contact HOD of CD hospital Dr. Naveed Nazir he did not respond on the telephone. Similarly Dr. Samia Rashid who is Principal and in charge of all associated hospitals in Srinagar has kept her mobile number available with media switched off.

In such circumstances when the Commissioner Secretary Health Atal Dulloo is completely unavailable for the media to counter the charges, common people are appealing Divisional Commissioner Kashmir PK Pole and LG’s office to conduct surprise visits to these hospitals and cross check the allegation levelled by attendants of covid positive patients.

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