In the past few days disturbing reports are coming from the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir regarding the covid-19 virus. Media reports have also suggested that in this second wave of pandemic rural areas are getting the infection very fast and the government is trying to control the situation by curfew alone.

Corona curfew imposed by the authorities is being extended week after week while the vaccination process is going very slow which is the main weapon to fight it out.

Media reports have already suggested that there is a shortage of vaccine and most of the people come back from the designated vaccination centers without getting the jab from the health officials.

In the holy month of Ramadan and even after Eid-ul-Fitr, the vaccination process has slow down to almost nil in most of the districts in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government is only assuring the people that vaccination process was going on and even released the figures about the vaccination process, but the ground realities do not match with the government enthusiasm.

How long will the government impose curfew without having any comprehensive package for the vulnerable population especially those section of the people who earn during the day and spend it by evening.

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