Efforts afoot

Efforts afoot

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has intensified its efforts to accelerate the process of vaccination especially in the age group of 18-45.

In this connection Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir recently told media that all the efforts are afoot for targeted vaccination program from 25 of May 2021.

He said that he has galvanized all the wings of administration for this targeted program and has given the required directions to all the bureaucrats to have a focus on the timeline of the program.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir could not do the vaccination program for the age group of 18-45 due to the non availability of vaccine in bulk as the central government has not sent the required consignments here.

As the government of Jammu and Kashmir is expecting bulk of vaccine consignments these days, so they have kept the machinery required for this purpose ready so that the vaccination of the people is conducted in a focused and targeted manner.

This is high time that the vaccination program is conducted without any further delay as the government cannot afford a prolonged curfew as a remedy for the covid-19 virus.

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