Nomadic population

Nomadic population

Nomads with the start of summers have come in focus of the media as there have been some eviction incidents in the forests of Jammu and Kashmir by the forest officials.

Gujjars and Bakerwalas along with their local leaders have accused the government of violating the forest rights act of 2006 by evicting them from forests of Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently in one of the forests of Shopian in South Kashmir, police had to intervene after the forest officials and Gujjars had a brawl between them while the officials were trying to evict these nomads.

 Many of the Gujjars uploaded the videos on the social media platforms, showing the injuries on their community members by the forest officials, as they resisted the eviction process of the government.

Forest officials also gave their version to the media and claimed that some of them were kept hostage along with media people by the Gujjar and Bakarwals in the forests of Shopian.

The government recently said that they will implement the forest rights act and were training the forest staff in different training centres so that this act could be implemented on ground without any hassles.

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