Saving lives

Saving lives

In order to save the human lives from covid-19 infection, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken both short term and long term measures here.

Since the start of the second wave of pandemic, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has been trying its best to flatten the curve of this deadly infection.

When the average positivity rate per day due to this infection showed a steep rise, the government was forced to go for strict curfew which is still in force throughout Jammu and Kashmir to stop the further spread of infection.

LG Manoj Sinha has been visiting the hospitals and health facilities in entire Jammu and Kashmir to get the ground situation prevailing due to the pandemic.

He has been presiding over all important meetings of his bureaucrats and has been guiding the administration to work with more force and vitality in order to mitigate the sufferings of common people.

He has been not only giving directions but has passed many orders in the recent past so that the people and the families who have suffered due to this infection get some relief and also some financial assistance to carry on their lives.

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