Health infrastructure

Health infrastructure

There is a lot of focus from the JK government and administration to make the health infrastructure more resilient in order to combat not only the present pandemic but also as a future preparation.

In this direction the government has already released money to all the panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir to make the covid care centers with at least five beds and one oxygen supported bed.

These covid care centers have come handy to the health department not only for the testing but also for those people who test positive at the village level and are admitted in these centers.

All the serious patients from the villages are finally taken to city hospitals if needed and for this purpose also the government of Jammu and Kashmir has started procuring ambulances with oxygen facilities so that these patients from the panchayat covid care centers are taken to city hospitals without any hassles.

All these steps have been taken by the Jammu and Kashmir administration on the direction of LG Manoj Sinha who has recently visited most of the hospitals and district hospitals in order to get on spot reports about the treatment and about the facilities being provided to the people in these government run health facilities.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to build a resilient health infrastructure as it will help not only in this pandemic but also will be very helpful for the health emergencies in future.

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