Awareness camp

 Awareness camp


Horticulture department in Jammu and Kashmir has been organizing lot of awareness camps in the recent past to educate the farmers about the new schemes and incentives.

In this direction department of horticulture recently organized a farmer’s awareness camp in Banihal using all the covid safety protocols.

Horticulture department has been distributing the new ultra high density plants in order to change the socio-economic status of the farmers in different areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

Horticulture sector is looking for some positive changes and the ultra high density scheme is the main focus of the department as it could be the game changer in this sector for future.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced lot of schemes with incentive for the farmers and under these schemes lot of financial incentives is being provided for establishing green house, shade nets water harvesting tanks, deep bore wells etc.

In order to make the farming highly profitable the high density plants will completely change of this sector as these plants are already being distributed by the horticulture department to the fruit orchardists in Kashmir valley.

These awareness camps will go a long way to educate the farmers in entire Jammu and Kashmir about the schemes launched by the JK government with incentives from them so that they can used the latest machinery and the high density plants to get the maximum profits from the fruit orchards.

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