Easing of restrictions

Easing of restrictions

In order to make the hospitals of Jammu and Kashmir laden with oxygen, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken slew of measures soon after the second wave of pandemic to enhance the oxygen generation.

In this direction most of the plants which were already working in the government hospitals of Jammu and Kashmir have enhanced their capacity of oxygen generation.

With the result in most of the covid designated hospitals there are now no complaints about the oxygen shortage. However the dip in the covid positive cases has also contributed to the streamlining of the system within the hospitals so that the people who are suffering from covid-19 infection get the required oxygen and also the necessary treatment.

The death rate has also gone down along with the number of cases on a daily basis in Jammu and Kashmir. With the result, the government has also taken a number of steps for streamlining daily life in Jammu and Kashmir and has eased the restrictions though in a phased manner.

It is now the responsibility of common people also to adhere to the sops and to the covid appropriate behavior so that there is no fresh spurt in the covid positive cases as life is limping to normalcy.

The government has already started easing the restrictions but now the onus is on the people of Jammu and Kashmir to behave properly while coming out from their homes and adhering to the sops strictly to save themselves and others from covid-19 infection.

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