Leopard spotted in Budgam authorities sound alert

Leopard spotted in Budgam authorities sound alert

By: Musaib Iqbal MK


The joint teams of forest protection force along with the wildlife department have been formed to capture the man-eating leopard who recently mauled to death a four-year-old girl, police and witnesses said that during the night hours the leopard was spotted inside the DC office complex of Budgam.

Earlier wildlife officials captured alive two leopards at Khansahib Budgam and Wuyan Pampore after being informed by the people about their presence near their villages.

Recently two leopard’s cubs were rescued by the villagers and handed over to the wildlife officials for rehabilitation in the Beerwah village of Budgam district.

It is not only the recent attack by the leopard on an innocent child, there have been such attacks in the many villages of Nilnag, Kutbal, Haproo and other such areas.

The government has been responding to such attacks by sending the wildlife officials to track down the leopards and many times they did not go for the hunt.

Now the Ompora colony attack case has brought a fresh focus on the presence of many leopards in the forest areas of Budgam and Pulwama districts and the government should make the policy so that they are captured alive and are rehabilitated in their habitats.

Meanwhile, reporting about the presence of leopards in the DC office area of Budgam KNO in its report has said the leopard was spotted by locals and security forces inside DC office premises and they immediately called the wildlife officials.

Meanwhile, an official of the wildlife department told KNO that a team of the department reached the spot within no time, however, they couldn’t locate the leopard after searching for it for at least four hours.

He said that a footprint of the leopard was the same as the one who was spotted at Ompora housing colony.

“Footprints were the same we found at Ompora housing colony and we have deployed the staff at every hotspot to eliminate this man-eater leopard,” he added.

Earlier on 3 June, a four-year-old girl was mauled to death by the leopard after she was taken away by the man-eater from her home in Ompora Housing Colony in Budgam.

With inputs from KNO

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