Arrest of Ganderbal resident reflection of ground situation says PC

Arrest of Ganderbal resident reflection of ground situation says PC

By: Musaib Iqbal MK


Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) in a statement said that it is now frightening for any resident to raise the voice or to raise the problems in the government sponsored platforms after the arrest of a Ganderbal resident for speaking in one of such functions.

Peoples Conference has urged LG Manoj Sinha to uphold democracy in Jammu and Kashmir and has strongly condemned the action of the government for arresting a resident for merely talking about non- local bureaucrats and about their behavior with the locals. The party has termed such an action as a reflection of the state of affairs in J&K and urged the LG to uphold democracy in J&K.

In a statement issued here, the party spokesman Adnan Ashraf Mir has said that imprisoning people for highlighting the hardships they face in getting their grievances addressed is frivolous and frighteningly undemocratic.

He added that such state action is a direct assault on democratic principles and goes on to relay the hopeless and scary picture of the state of affairs.

“Jailing a man merely for his views on administration and slapping him with severe charges is a step towards demolishing the democratic institutions and stifling voices of the common masses who speak of ground realities with absolute immunity,” he said

Adnan said that the present incident should not be viewed in isolation as it is very much an inseparable part of the policies to bulldoze the institutions of justice and fair-play sans any compunction. He further implored the LG to uphold democracy in J&K.

“Some incidents are thought provoking. Some incidents create history. Maybe it is that moment. Maybe it is a wake up call for the LG to practice democracy in deeds. We don’t know the babu who did it and we don’t want to know the babu who did it. The onus is on LG to uphold democracy in J&K. He has to let the babus know that people are supreme in a democracy”, he concluded.

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