Improved situation

Improved situation

There is no doubt that the situation on the covid-19 front has improved to great extent and it is of great importance for the common people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Average number of covid positive cases on a daily basis has gone down so have the death rates also been down in the past few days. But the government has appealed to people not to become complacent as the virus has not disappeared.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has been appealing to people to save their lives by the covid appropriate behavior and take all the precautions necessary when they move out of their homes.

There is no doubt that Corona Warriors, Front-line workers, citizens and the entire team of the J & K Administration worked hard to save lives and secure our future.

With optimum utilization of testing and vaccination capacities, strict adherence of SoPs, following Covid Appropriate Behavior in letter and spirit, and by working 24×7, we can address the challenges of Covid pandemic.

It needs the support of common people as the JK administration alone cannot contain the virus and traders, transporters and other wings of the society must understand their responsibility when they restart their lives.

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