Collective efforts

Collective efforts

Though the people of Kargil have expressed their concerns when the central government decided to make Ladakh a union territory and wanted to be a part of Kashmir, the people of Leh were happy for being directly under the rule of New Delhi.

Now there is a collective leadership of people of Ladakh and they are making efforts to enlist the support of various organizations of Kargil to seek consensus about the demands within the region. He said a small team of representatives of both the regions will be formed for the discussion with the Union Government. In Kargil different political and religious organizations have formed Kargil Democratic Alliance.

Last year in October, ahead of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Leh polls, major political leaders, political parties including the BJP, and religious monks from the region formed the Peoples Movement for Sixth Schedule demanding constitutional safeguards for locals.

Later a delegation of the People Movement of Ladakh had met Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi, who assured them that the centre will look into all the demands of the people of Ladakh.

Later, the Union Home Ministry announced the formation of a committee headed by MoS Home GK Reddy to hold deliberations with Ladakh-based leaders to look into the possibilities of inclusion of Ladakh into the 6th schedule as demanded by them.

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