Sajad Lone all praise for the J&K leaders while making their point in meeting with PM

Sajad Lone all praise for the J&K leaders while making their point in meeting with PM

By: Javiad Malik MK


Sajad Gani Lone on Thursday has praised the leadership of Jammu and Kashmir for raising the relevant issues during the all party meeting with Prime Ministers on June 24.

He said that the entire leadership of Jammu and Kashmir has made the people feel proud by their commitment to bring the people out of the present mess.

According to the KNO news agency while reporting his press conference it has said in its report the participants from Jammu and Kashmir in All Party Meeting made their people proud as they reflected the pain in befitting manner.

He said that it is obvious that those who will reach New Delhi to represent people can never disrespect the sentiments of people. “I would give equal marks to all who participated in and spoke in the meeting,” he said.

“As on date, there were no winners or losers. It’s a long process. We have to ensure that Delhi delivers and we have to make an enabling environment for them to deliver and that cannot be done by rhetoric. India is a land of elections. There is an election every six or eight months. Let us not buy rhetoric and create an environment where delivery becomes difficult. If delivery becomes difficult or delayed, there is only one loser and that is the people of J-K,” he said.

Lone said “as one of the parties who participated there in the meeting, we will strive to create an enabling environment to facilitate Delhi in delivering, to facilitate delivery mechanisms by Delhi.”

Asked about the assurances over restoration of Statehood after elections, Lone said, “I would say that the Statehood should be restored now. Not as a matter of charity, but as a matter of right, it should be restored now. I wouldn’t link elections with Statehood,” he said.

He further said that he wouldn’t boycott the elections. “I will not say that I will boycott the elections and the party will contest. We are equal. I am not more moral than them. We will fight equally,” he said, adding that what if keeping away the parties would be a trap.

“There is a need to understand that boycotting elections has yielded no results. We should look at the other side as well as keeping away the opponents could be a trap,” he said.

Replying to a query, he said that the party will participate in the Delimitation exercise if it is invited, saying that the process has to be fair within the regions and across the regions.

With inputs from KNO

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