Alert forces destroy a drone in Jammu

Alert forces destroy a drone in Jammu

By: Javaid Malik MK


According to the information available in the media, the alert forces spotted in the area of Air Force Station in Jammu city which was jammed and destroyed by using anti-drone technology by the Air Force.

According to these reports the drone was detected in the early hours of Thursday and alert forces immediately swung into action.

According to IANS, quoting officials about this incident, it was said that it was destroyed. In its report it further said that drones have been spotted in Jammu city over military installations and near the International Border in Jammu district ever since two drones used by the terrorists damaged an office building and caused injuries to two personnel at the Air Force station in Jammu on June 27, 2021.

Air Force Station drone attack in Jammu is being probed by the NIA.

Defence sources said the armed forces have already equipped military installations and other sensitive locations with anti-drone facilities which were recently acquired.

With inputs from IANS

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