Local panchayat can take up the work up to 3 lacs for the pace of development

Local panchayat can take up the work up to 3 lacs for the pace of development

By: Musaib Iqbal MK


The government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to pace up the development at the village and on Monday it has announced that the various developmental works should be given to the local residents of the panchayats up to 3 lac rupees without going to any tendering process

This decision has been taken by the JK administration so that the time is not wasted and the works are given to the local residents of the concerned panchayats so that the development takes place within the timeline set by the authorities.

According to PTI in its news report on this government order, the government also said in case inadequate response is received to the tenders from the local Panchayat, the participation norms will be relaxed to include bidders from other neighboring Panchayats.

“The decision is aimed at enhancing transparency and speedy execution of developmental works through local participation which will also boost public ownership of the created assets,” the spokesman said.

The residents of panchayats, who wish to participate in the tendering process, will have to get registered in a simple system of registration, to be maintained at the level of deputy commissioners.

These registrations shall be done on the basis of documentary evidence like Aadhaar, PAN Card, and Domicile Certificate, while the verification process shall be completed through panchayats and the local police only, the spokesman said.

He said detailed instructions are being issued by the Finance Department on this issue.

To address the shortage of engineering staff in the Rural Development Department, which may affect the pace of work in Panchayats, the Rural Development Department has been authorized to engage an optimal number of retired engineers on a contractual basis as part of the project management unit in respective districts.

“Instructions have already been issued for delegation of powers to AEEs in the Rural Development Department,” the spokesman added.

(With PTI inputs)

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