Unity is the key to fight back and get our rights says Mehbooba

Unity is the key to fight back and get our rights says Mehbooba

By: Musaib Iqbal MK


Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday said that unity is the key for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to come out from the present spell of uncertainty and to get back the rights snatched by the central government.

While addressing the workers at People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) meeting in Srinagar on Tuesday she claimed that there is a lot of suppression in Kashmir valley and said that only the united fight can bring people out of this spell.

According to KNT quoting Mehbooba Mufti it said in its news report, “There is so much suppression,” she said adding that this suppression can be tackled and get rid of by the unity which is the need of the hour

“We are facing a lot of suppression. Let us see when elections are fought but this is the time for unity. If you want people to take out from all troubles, you have to be united. All eyes are on us. Attempts are being made to create confusion and misunderstanding and we have be firm and cautious. Several workers were misled by some elements who called me saying that they heard today’s PAGD meeting has been cancelled,” she said adding that a misinformation campaign against PAGD is being running by some elements.

“BJP is allowed to meet without any restrictions. Recently Apni Party held a youth convention in Bandipora but we are being stopped on one or the other pretext. This is total clampdown and speaks volumes,” Mehbooba Mufti said.

She said those who claim that Article 370 won’t come back have no faith in Almighty. “We should not lose hope,” she said.

“Article 370 had secured our land and jobs, but now outsiders are on prowl. You can see how outsiders have taken control of sand extraction contracts. How NHPC has looted our resources and power projects. In Pulwama recently, police were swirling lathis against local sand contractors to safeguard the interests of outsiders,” she said adding that she agrees with Farooq Sahab (Farooq Abdullah) who said that we are being painted with our own blood.

She said BJP is pursuing policies which are hard to understand. “One day Prime Minister says they have to win the hearts of people in Kashmir and the other day some of his lieutenants threaten Kashmiris.”

Mehbooba Mufti said that Kashmiris are being silenced on the barrel of the gun. “Kashmris are shell shocked. They can’t express themselves. PSA awaits those who speak truth. Journalists are being harassed, arrested, deprived of getting passports. A young man who had captured the video when an army vehicle mowed down an elderly woman in North Kashmir’s Bandipora was booked under Public Safety Act. This is height of repression and abject shame,” she said.

Mehbooba Mufti said that somebody’s ideology can’t be changed on gunpoint or using sticks.

With inputs from KNT

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