Lavender as an aroma flower has a lot of commercial value and previously such fields were established by the private parties in Jammu and Kashmir and used to earn good returns from such projects.

Recently the central government has decided to implement modern technologies for such projects in Jammu and Kashmir and for this purpose a one day conference was held here.

The technologies developed by CSIR will be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir to maximum possible extent so that works like Purple revolution of Lavender cultivation under the Aroma Mission can be implemented in other areas across the UT.

Terming lavender cultivation as the Purple Revolution of Jammu and Kashmir, the Lt Governor said that it has happened with the help of science and technology. Lauding the efforts behind these initiatives, he hoped that through such interventions of science and technology, not only will we get effective control over various problems in the villages and cities but also convert it into an opportunity for the development of J&K.

He observed that the speed with which the technology is changing and the ease with which it is available; will make any region socially and economically progressive with effective implementation.

He urged the experts to look at the challenges specific to Jammu & Kashmir in the areas like agriculture, infrastructure, waste management, industrial development, ecology conservation, urban planning, etc due to its unique geo-climatic conditions.

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