In order to get the progress about the central schemes in the entire Jammu and Kashmir J&K administration has been holding review meetings periodically in order to get the ground reports.

Recently in one of the review meetings Chief Secretary directed all DCs to connect all health institutions in Jammu and Kashmir with functional tap water connections. They were asked to review village development plans submitted by paani samitis and ensure their participation in various stages of project execution to promote community ownership of assets.

The Deputy Commissioners were also asked to organize massive cleanliness drives for upkeep and maintenance of public spaces, tourist places, villages, towns, and public offices.

But despite the directions to all the concerned Deputy Commissioners of Jammu and Kashmir, there are heaps of garbage lying on the ground even at the tourist places and not to speak of villages and towns.

The government should ask all the Deputy Commissioners to send them CCTV and video footage from all the important areas about the basic hygiene being provided to the common people.

There should be a complete surveillance at all the tourist places as a lot of solid waste is being dumped in the ecologically fragile mountains and green meadows of Kashmir valley.

If this negligence of dumping the solid waste at the tourist places and in the nearby green spaces is not stopped it can become one of the disasters at the ecologically fragile places especially in Kashmir valley.

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