Primary schools

Primary schools

Primary schools being run by the government play an important role in shaping the destiny of students in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the recent review meeting held by the Chief Secretary he advised the department to rope in Panchayats in the monitoring of the primary schools and institute a mechanism of obtaining monthly reports on the performance of the schools, besides seeking feedback from the students about their experience of teaching in the classes.

He directed the department to prepare a framework for assessing the competency of the teachers based on the achievement of learning outcomes by the students during the year so that capacity building of teachers, wherever necessary, is also made a part of overall focused policy action in the education sector.

While directing the department to take steps to increase the enrolment ratio in the schools, he advised the department that increase in drop out ratio beyond an acceptable level in a given school should be made an area of responsibility of the teachers in that school and accountability of the teachers fixed in case the enrolment declines below the acceptable level.

Online teaching has been a great enabler during the Covid times, the Chief Secretary directed the Education department to explore the feasibility of building capacities towards virtual /online learning in all schools, besides emphasizing that the department should also increase the sweep and spread of vocational education in J&K.

Online teaching has shown that teachers can be of great help to shape up the future especially of those students who have to get the education at any cost and even the pandemic and the restrictions could not stop them from imparting education.

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