Snow clearance

Snow clearance

Although winter is not far away, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has started winter preparedness and many departments have been instructed to take the necessary steps including about the future snow clearance.

Many district heads in Kashmir valley especially in North and South Kashmir have held series of review meetings in the recent past regarding the snow preparedness in their districts as they have in their jurisdiction such villages which get cut off due to the heavy snowfall.

Even in the district Srinagar there are many areas which are not only hilly but they witness heavy snowfall during the winters like Dara Harwan.

In this direction recently Deputy Commissioner Srinagar held a meeting and asked the different sector heads about the winter preparedness.

He was apprised that 25 hi-tech Snow clearance machines have been kept ready by the Mechanical Engineering Department in Srinagar out of which 22 machines have been deployed at 22 important installations and vital sites across the district, while 3 machines are kept in standby mode to meet any exigency during heavy snowfall.

The SMC authorities informed that Srinagar district has been divided into 9 zones and about 3000 SMC men are ready to clear snow from inner lanes and bylanes of the City. The government has said that they have enough stocks of ration available across Kashmir valley and for the Srinagar district Assistant Director FCS&CA informed that sufficient stock of Ration is available to cater the needs of 2-3 months, while Petrol and Diesel supply is also in buffer stock for at least 15 days.


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