Petrol, diesel prices today

Petrol, diesel prices today

The petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged on Saturday across various cities in the country including the national capital Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

Currently, the cost of one litre of petrol in Delhi stands at 103.97 per litre and of diesel at 86.67 per litre.

In the country’s financial capital, the petrol and diesel prices have remained static to 109.98/litre and 94.14 per litre, respectively.

As for Kolkata and Chennai, petrol and diesel cost 104.67 and 89.79 and 101.40 and 91.43 respectively in Chennai.

In Bengaluru, petrol is available at 100.58 per litre and diesel at 85.01 and in Hyderabad, one litre of petrol is now available at 108.20 and diesel cost 94.62 for one litre of diesel.

Prices differ from state to state, depending on the incidence of local taxes and cost of transportation.

Following the decision of the Government of India to reduce central excise duty on petrol and diesel by 5 and 10 respectively, 25 states and Union Territories have also undertaken a commensurate reduction of VAT on Petrol and Diesel so far to give relief to consumers, informed the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas on Friday.

However, as per the ministry, 11 States and UTs which have not undertaken any reduction in VAT in Petrol and Diesel are Maharashtra, NCT of Delhi, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan.

“In Lakshadweep, the UT government procures Kerala paid VAT Petrol and Diesel. Currently, there is Nil tax on Petrol and Diesel in the UT,” the ministry said.


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