Kashmir hospitals see rise in Covid-19 cases again: DAK

Kashmir hospitals see rise in Covid-19 cases again: DAK

 Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) on Wednesday said hospitals in Kashmir are once again witnessing a rise in number of severe Covid-19 cases has cautioned if the adequate precautions were not taken the condition may go bad to worse.

“Most of these admitted patients are either unvaccinated or have received a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine,” said DAK Preident and influenza expert Dr Nisar ul Hassan.

The DAK President said not only the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, but young people are coming with severe disease and some of them are dying,” he said

“Hospitals are again seeing a surge in severe cases of Covid-19 infection,” he said and added “ adequate precautions needed to be taken to put a stop on the rise of the cases”.

He said, the number of Covid admissions has increased five times over the last few days, he said.

Dr Hassan said at SMHS hospital in Srinagar was admitting 2-3 patients in Covid wards, but with the situation turning worse, the number of patients had shot up to 15 now, which is a cause of concern.

“Few weeks ago, there were days when we would not have single patient taking admission. But now we have 7-8 patients getting admitted every day. Most of them come with bilateral pneumonia requiring oxygen, some needing intensive care and the support of ventilators to help them survive the respiratory distress,” he said.


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