Apart from modern means of surveillance, the government of Jammu and Kashmir will have to take the support of villagers living near the forests to save them from timber smugglers.

Recently the Jammu and Kashmir government has started an innovative program under the ‘One Beat Guard- One Village’ programme.

In this direction 1000 villages will be provided with low-cost greening interventions through the Panchayati Raj Institutions assisted by one Beat Guard. The interventions will include large-scale distribution, plantation, and monitoring of saplings for 3-5 years to ensure maximum survival and growth of plants and grasses within the village and Panchayat. The local produce is expected to facilitate the local communities in sustainably meeting the demand of minor forest produce viz. timber, fuel-wood, fodder, and grasses.

Government of Jammu and Kashmir has directed the forest department to enhance forest-based livelihood among rural communities in collaboration with the Science & Technology Department for utilization of biomass and weeds like lantana and pine needles in various industries. The Department was further asked to develop a deeper connect with the village communities through “One Beat Guard, One Village Program” and “Village Panchayat Plantation Committees” and formulate plans to meet their requirement for fodder, timber, and non-timber forest produce. He stressed the establishment of linkages of forestry activities with the Jal Shakti Department to improve the water regime to help the local communities.



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