Valuable insights

Valuable insights

Common people in Jammu and Kashmir know the solutions to their problems but have no authority to implement them on ground. They have basic knowledge of solving their problems and need good governance.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha shared valuable insights, suggestions received from common people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He dedicated a recent episode to all those citizens who are working for the betterment of the society and have contributed on the ground to make life better for other people.

He lauded the contribution of such people and said that Jammu and Kashmir have rich cultural heritage. He said that the world’s oldest civilization, the land of multi-colored diversity & rich cultural heritage is moving towards becoming an economic superpower, it is absolutely necessary that the evils and the class differences plaguing it must be completely removed from it.

He said that the government’s policies should be the voice of the weakest section of the society, reflective of people’s aspirations, and sensitive to the needs of the people.

In the recent past Jammu and Kashmir administration has taken some landmark decisions steering people’s empowerment, taking J&K towards prosperity and progress.

 He appealed to the people to work collectively & strengthen their resolve to build a new, prosperous and self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir.

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