Digital divide

Digital divide

The lockdowns of covid had shown that there is a digital divide and many students who live below the poverty line could not avail the opportunities for the online classes.

Recently the J&K government has tried to introduce a new app in the education sector so that the have nots of the society are benefited by the online and offline education.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha while introducing this app said that technology is a great enabler and needs to bridge the digital divide and create a fine balance for online tools and value-based offline education.

He emphasized the need for creating a system where Digital and Natural rivers do not compete but complement each other.

As in the old days, the way civilization and markets developed on the banks of natural rivers, in the 21st century, can see a complete civilization on the banks of the Digital River. All the technology companies and social media giants have become symbols of new civilization, power and mobility.

Five years ago, no one could have imagined that all the public related services would be available sitting at home. Despite Covid, schools, universities, and colleges were running with the help of software, he observed.

New Technology has created conveniences but it depends on how the user uses it. “More power has come in our hands. And it is very important to think how the young generation uses this power”, he asserted.

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