Information revolution

Information revolution


The J & K administration is trying to do the necessary interventions by virtue of information and technology so that the system becomes transparent and people get maximum benefit from the schemes launched by the government for the different categories.

Recently J&K Chief Secretary has asked the different wings of the government to be responsive to the public needs and asked the information department that there is a need to create content in such language and form that facilitates quick and easy communication of the public welfare programmes to the people.

Terming fake or misleading news as a big challenge, he asked the department to institute a mechanism to rebut fake news on a real time basis.

Government informed that the grievances redressal system has been put in place in the department to ensure that the departmental response to the grievances in the media is carried out within the reasonable time

Earlier Director, Information while making a short presentation on the functioning of the department said that the department is strengthening the human and capacity issues to deal with the challenges of the new age/ non-traditional media like FM channels, social media etc.

The Chief Secretary asked the department to create and run impact features/ real life news stories on a daily basis in the media, highlighting the positive side of the welfare schemes/campaigns rolled out by the government.

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