Power employees in Kashmir to be covered for the healthcare especially the linemen

Power employees in Kashmir to be covered for the healthcare especially the linemen

By: Javaid Malik MK


The government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to bring all the employees of the power department including the linemen on ground under the healthcare system so that they can get the required treatment without any delay.

In this direction Chief Engineer Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) Aijaz Ahmed Dar Thursday said that the expenses of all the injured linemen of the department has been borne by the department and in the fresh case too, the department is duty bound to bear medical expenses.

He said that very soon they will provide golden health cards to all employees including linemen and that they are covered under a welfare fund scheme for meeting health expenditures.

According to KNO in its news report while quoting about the fresh injured lineman in Kulgam it has said in its report as follows.

“In the fresh case of lineman Shabir Ahmed Dar, who was injured at Bogund, Kulgam on Sunday, the department will take the responsibility of all his medical expenses,” Dar said. Shabir is working as a daily wager in the power department. The Chief Engineer in the past, expenses of all the employees were injured due to electric shock or while repairing lines, were borne by the department

The Chief Engineer KPDCL said that they will implement set Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) aggressively and procure latest equipment to minimize accidents and injuries to its staff including linemen while repairing the lines, transformers etc.

He, however, said that at times, department tries to raise funds for the family help of injured employees and not for medical help. “With new strategy in place, there will be a significant fall in accidents and injuries to employees in line of duty henceforth,” the CE said.

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