Commercial Floriculture

Commercial Floriculture

Floriculture has yet to come out from the gardens and parks in order to give a new shape to the Floriculture industry in Jammu and Kashmir. It has a lot of commercial value as the flowers are in great demand outside.

The government has decided to introduce a lot of schemes for the farmers in Jammu and Kashmir to have Floriculture as the means of income.

In this direction recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir held a meeting and asked the Floriculture Department to reorient its priorities-promote commercial floriculture to enhance farmers’ income.

He asked to develop thematic gardens at each tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir so that more and more tourists enjoy their stay while being here.

He recently reviewed the functioning of the Floriculture Department and asked the officers to come up with new programs and schemes so that Floriculture takes to the markets and becomes a commercial plank in Jammu and Kashmir.

He asked the Department to promote commercial floriculture in addition to its developmental and maintenance activities for the upkeep of various parks and gardens in the Union territory. It was advised to introduce suitable promotional schemes for the sector on the lines of schemes and programmes of the Agriculture and Horticulture departments while giving due consideration to the avenues of field-level convergence among the departments to enhance the farmers’ income.

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