Renewable energy

Renewable energy

The government of Jammu and Kashmir is working on different projects so that there are many other sources of energy created which are environment friendly and cheap for the common people.

The extended benefits of the Renewable energy sources are that they can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. Generation of power from conventional sources is also the source of greenhouse emission attributing to global warming and has adverse impact on the climate. Therefore, a global shift towards sustainable renewable energy generation is being witnessed. Jammu & Kashmir has an enormous potential for solar energy. Setting up renewable energy capacity would help to bridge a part of its power requirement. Thus, it further necessitates the use of renewable sources of energy to bridge the deficit gap.

As the challenges of climate change and global warming continuously threaten the world community, the Jammu & Kashmir government has also recognized the urgent need to tackle these challenges. To create a conducive environment and develop an excellent business ecosystem for harnessing maximum potential of solar energy through Government, Private Enterprises, Public-Private Partnerships and individual efforts, the government envisions a future with reduced dependence on fossil fuel by promoting renewable energy sources. The J&K Government recognizes that renewable energy can also significantly increase J&K’s and the Nation’s energy security. J&K also aims to evolve new technologies in renewable energy generation and its application through participation of farmers, industries and public at large to boost local economy.

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