Developmental push

Developmental push

There is a lot of development now visible in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir due to the reforms undertaken by the administration setting the deadlines for the completion of such works.

J&K is witnessing unprecedented development in all spheres. Many development works, even those languishing for want of funds or for some other reasons, are being executed or have rather found a new lease of life and are being completed in record time and this is being done without cutting corners; in fact all regulatory requirements are being met in each case.

Tendering has always been a bugbear; there has been an unwillingness to touch it even with a bargepole, so to speak.

It has brought transparency, what’s more equity, in the work execution; all works are being e- tendered. The days of doling out contracts to select a few cronies on nomination are becoming a matter of the past. Equity, transparency and fairness is the new mantra.

Despite strict fiscal discipline, greater numbers of works are being completed in record time.

According to the government’s statistics, the number of works completed during 2021-22 has shown a monumental jump as compared to the past years.

In the year 2018-19, 3293 works were completed under district capex in J&K. In the following year, this figure was 1165 while in 2020-21, 1676 works were completed.

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