Gun gave us only two things- ‘Zindaan’ & ‘Qabristan’: Altaf Bukhari

Gun gave us only two things- ‘Zindaan’ & ‘Qabristan’: Altaf Bukhari

Jammu Kashmir Apni Party Chairman Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari Monday said that the ‘gun’ gave two things to the people of Kashmir Valley and they are ‘Qabristan’ (graveyard) and ‘Zindaan’ (prison).

When asked how can he justify the police order that the property of people harboring militants will be confiscated, Bukhari asked that did guns give us anything. “Let us admit that guns didn’t give us anything. It only brought destruction. Gun has given us only ‘‘Qabristan’ (graveyard) and ‘Zindaan’ (prison),” he said and appealed to the youth not to pick up weapons.

Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari while talking to reporters on the sidelines of a joining function in Srinagar, said that elections in Jammu and Kashmir will be held soon, as Delimitation Commission is expected to submit its final report in the coming days.

“The elections that would be held in Jammu and Kashmir have nothing to do with the Kashmir issue or Article 370. “This election is to address the problems and grievances of common people. Those parties that connect the Assembly elections with the Kashmir issue are befooling people,” he said adding that it is time to seek answers from traditional parties that exploited people for the past 7 decades.

“Those parties that brand us as BJP’s ‘B’ Team are actually ‘A’ Teams of BJP themselves. Apni Party will stand for truth and we are answerable before people and the Almighty only,” Bukhari said. (KNT)

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