Smart cities

Smart cities

Government has recently approved many projects under the smart cities mission for Jammu and Srinagar. Under the Mission, an initiative aimed at driving economic growth and improving the quality of life of people, both the capital cities of Jammu and Kashmir were selected by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

According to the official figures, 276 magnificent projects of economic importance have been approved in twin cities to bring remarkable transformation and significantly improve the quality of life of people.

These projects include integrated Command and Control Centre, e-services, smart classrooms, smart toilets, smart meters, wifi zones, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCDA), Geographic information system (GIS) for mapping assets, Intelligent Traffic Management system (ITMS), Green spaces, vertical gardens and heritage conservation etc.

J&K Government, through its continuous endeavours, is exploring all the possibilities to develop Jammu and Srinagar cities into world-class modern, sustainable and vibrant cities.

These new initiatives are in line with our mission of making cities sensitive to the needs of citizens and our vision of evolving them through the use of modern IT & other interventions, enabling seamless information access and better service delivery. We need to adopt meaningful ways and means to cater the ever-changing needs of citizens, to acknowledge the limits of available capacities, and strive dynamically to address the same.

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