Conservation of gardens

Conservation of gardens

In order to give the face lift and also go for the required restoration of Mughal Gardens, the J & K administration has recently taken some steps for the same.

Government has recently entered MoU with the JSW foundation which has already discussed the modalities to preserve the ancient heritage of these gardens.

They have recently told the J & K administration that the monumental part of the Shalimar garden will also witness conservation and restoration of central vista, illumination, fountains, water channels, corrections in geometry of garden, boundary wall and watch towers.

about establishment of a plant conservatory inside the  Shalimar garden where plants of Mughal period, as identified in the conservation plan, have been collected to be used as mother stock. These plants will be propagated and planted as per schemes of matching flora provided by the consultant Botanist.

Officials impressed upon the JSW foundation to strictly adhere to the timelines and initiate the work on the project as soon as possible.

The JSW Foundation, as part of CSR, is spending Rs 9.5 crore in the first phase for the execution of restoration works on Mughal Garden Shalimar.

When the Shalimar garden would be restored to its original glory, it would be a big tourist attraction in Srinagar city. The government is also focusing on Nishat garden to conserve and preserve that Mughal era garden also.


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