Land records

Land records

People of Jammu and Kashmir were left at the mercy of patwaris and other revenue officials to get their land records. Many times they had to go for months in the revenue department to get the land records.

Now there is a marked change after the government introduces Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani:  which is a transformation, from opaqueness to transparency

Correctly maintained up-to-date land records are basic tools of convenience, clarity and ownership with wider socio-economic ramifications. They not only help in formulation of policies, but also reduce land related litigations thereby maintaining the calm in social fabric.

Jammu & Kashmir has embarked on an unprecedented developmental trajectory wherein transformational initiatives in all sectors have been launched. Transparency in maintenance and upkeep of Land records was an area which required an urgent intervention. “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani” (AZAN) is a landmark intervention in this direction.

There was no mechanism available for citizens to view or monitor the status of their revenue records online. They had to move from pillar-to-post for obtaining even a copy of land records (Jamabandi or Khasra Girdwari). The opacity in the system encouraged and breeded favouritism, redtapisim and corruption putting citizens at the mercy of the system and the scenario warranted an immediate intervention which could usher in transparency and accountability and this yearning gave birth to “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani” (AZAN).

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