Emerging tourism

Emerging tourism

Tourist industry is getting a big push in Jammu and Kashmir in the current season

J&K is emerging as top most tourist destination across India. There are record breaking tourist arrivals seen in last few months, especially during the spring season.

In the winter season also there was lot of tourists rush especially in the ski resort of Gulmarg.

The record breaking arrival of tourists in Jammu and Kashmir is reflection of successful packaging of uniqueness of tourism destinations in perfect manner by the authorities and stakeholders.

The significant increase in tourist arrival upsurge in the picturesque famous destination of the country is possible due to highlighting of diverse range of attractions- a concept launched by the tourism department under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

The administration is also focusing on exploring the full potential of pilgrimage tourism by developing various religious tourist circuits across the union territory besides the J&K Tourist Village Network initiative to transform 75 villages in Jammu and Kashmir known for historical, scenic beauty, and cultural significance.

The initiatives not only are aimed to empower youth and women through direct and indirect employment opportunities but the youth-led sustainable tourism initiative aims to strengthen the sparsely populated economy and public entrepreneurship.

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