Safe drinking water

Safe drinking water

Central government has provided a lot of funds so that safe drinking water is available to every household in Jammu and Kashmir.

Under the Jal Shakti Mission, the government is busy in providing the drinking water facilities in the remote villages so that the new generations do not suffer on this count.

Safe drinking water is the basic requirement of a healthy life and the authorities have realized and have taken it to mission mode.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that the Government is strengthening institutions for providing to all safe drinking water, health services, modern education, roads, housing in Jammu and Kashmir.

He enlisted various breakthrough initiatives of the UT Government for furthering the economic growth and holistic development of Jammu & Kashmir.

He said that the lack of adequate infrastructure in the past as a major hurdle in the growth of J&K economy, he said that significant steps were taken by the government in the last three years to eliminate the impediments, expedite decisions on approvals for timely implementation of projects.

The J & K government has achieved the historical milestone of 50,726 projects within a year which is five times higher than the 2018 figure of 9,229 projects. Speedy economic reforms and focused attention on infrastructure development have infused new energy right across the economy which has directly resulted in reviving investment activity and investor sentiment.

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