CS urges for mapping of all CSSs department-wise and improving access/utilization of CSS funds

CS urges for mapping of all CSSs department-wise and improving access/utilization of CSS funds

Urges DDCs to focus on improving execution of CSSs and sensitization of district officers about schemes

Departments to prepare Annual Calendars indicating number of projects to be completed along with timelines

SRINAGAR, MAY 19:  The Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta today laid focus on accessing more and more funds under CSSs from the Ministries and improving implementation of the Schemes on the ground to fulfil the objectives of equitable and inclusive development in J&K.

Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta said that CSSs are efficient agents of change and the departments needs to re-orient their focus towards perspective planning for improved performance.

He made these observations in a meeting called for reviewing the implementation of CSSs during the year 2021-22 and for laying out a road map for maximising the potential of CSSs in the year 2022-23.

The meeting was attended by various Administrative Secretaries and DDCs.

The Chief Secretary said that there are more than 200 CSSs, and each one of these CSSs needs to be mapped department-wise and the concerned department needs to prepare a perspective plan for implementing those schemes for the welfare of the people.

He lauded the performance of the departments in accessing more funds under CSSs in the year 2021-22 as compared to in the year 2020-21.

Earlier, the Finance Secretary made a small presentation on the implementation of CSSs in the UT and informed that there is around 50% increase in the BEs of CSSs in the year 2022-23 over those in 2020-21.

While sharing the details of the expenditure performance of the departments, Bhardwaj informed that departments like Law, Social Welfare, Science & Technology, Information Technology, Agriculture Production and Rural Development have incurred expenditure of 80 % and above of available  funds under CSSs during the year,2021-22.

He further informed that 15 districts in the UT have incurred expenditure under CSSs over90 % of available funds in the fiscal year, 2021-22.

Citing that post 2019, although there have  been reduction in audit paras across the departments due to introduction of transformational changes in the financial systems in J&K, the departments must ensure that all audit paras are replied in a timely manner.

The Chief Secretary advised the Finance Department to coordinate with AG and the departments for clearing all audit paras in a timely manner.

Dr. Mehta asked the departments to prepare an annual calendar, indicating the list of number of projects that can be completed in the next fiscal year along with the timelines for regular monitoring.

He asked the departments to ensure that monthly progress reports are regularly prepared and reviewed in the monthly meetings by the concerned secretaries for improving the administrative efficiencies.

Dr. Mehta lauded the performance of the departments in completing more than 54,000 projects during the year 2021-22 and asked the department to ensure that at least 75,000 projects are completed during the current fiscal year.

He complimented the DDCs for successfully uploading the e-compendia on their websites and asked the department to complete uploading of e-compendia with search option facility within three days.

Saying that 90% district capex comprises CSSs, the Chief Secretary advised the DDCs to ensure that the district officers, who execute the schemes, on the ground are suitably sensitized about these schemes.

Dr. Mehta further advised the DDCs to ensure the preparation of district sports plan, employment plan, agriculture plan etc for effective execution/monitoring of activities under these sectors.

The meeting was attended by all the Administrative Secretaries, Deputy Commissioners, DG Budget and the allied Directors of Finance and Planning in each department.

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