Mapping of CSS

Mapping of CSS

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has laid emphasis and all the administrative secretaries and DDCs to go for the mapping of CSS department wise so that the government has the actual data of implementation of these schemes.

Recently the Chief Secretary lauded the performance of the departments in accessing more funds under CSSs in the year 2021-22 as compared to in the year 2020-21.

The Finance Secretary made a small presentation on the implementation of CSSs in the UT and informed that there is around 50% increase in the BEs of CSSs in the year 2022-23 over those in 2020-21.

While sharing the details of the expenditure performance of the departments, Bhardwaj informed that departments like Law, Social Welfare, Science & Technology, Information Technology, Agriculture Production and Rural Development have incurred expenditure of 80 % and above of availableĀ  funds under CSSs during the year2021-22.

He further informed that 15 districts in the UT have incurred expenditure under CSSs over90 % of available funds in the fiscal year, 2021-22.

Citing that post 2019, although there haveĀ  been reduction in audit paras across the departments due to introduction of transformational changes in the financial systems in J&K, the departments must ensure that all audit paras are replied in a timely manner. He advised the Finance Department to coordinate with AG and the departments for clearing all audit paras in a timely manner.

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