Age of Science

Age of Science

In higher education, especially at university level the authorities are trying to focus on scholars and their research. All the research is being conducted in the light of the latest technologies available.

Recently Advisor to LG was addressing scientists and scholars at university of Kashmir. He said that the present age is the age of Science and Technology and technology has changed the way of our life. He added that Science and Technology has created ample solutions to problems faced by our present civilization.

Highlighting about the significance of the program, he said that through STUTI human resources and its knowledge capacity through open access to Science and Technology infrastructures across the country will be built up. He added that through this platform proper and optimum utilization of different equipment can be achieved and this conference is significantly contributing in that direction.

 Talking about the progress made by the University in recent years, he remarked that this university is one of the premier institutes across the country and is known for its academic excellence. He added that the Brain Gain scheme of this University has brought good results and is significantly contributing towards the excellence of this premier institute.

Highlighting about the significance of NEP-2020, Advisor Bhatnagar said that the NEP-2020 is addressing some of the shortcomings and drawbacks in our educational system and with its help, the government is broad basing it and making it more research and innovation oriented. He added that mentoring and exchanging of ideas forms one of the core competences of the NEP-2020 and this program will contribute remarkably in that aspect.

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