Horticulture sector

Horticulture sector

The Horticulture sector in Jammu and Kashmir is being transformed into a huge economic activity with the introduction of the High Density Plantation scheme.

This scheme is vigorously transforming the horticulture landscape of JK. UT admin is executing a multi-pronged strategy to make JK a leading Horticulture region and these schemes have started showing their impact on the ground.

Jammu and Kashmir administration, in its commitment towards enhancing the quality and quantity of horticulture produce and doubling farmers’ income, is executing the High Density Plantation scheme with a multi-pronged strategy to make the UT a leading region in Horticulture.

The high density plantations are expected to make horticulture profitable through superior yields, higher yields per hectare, early harvest, and introduction of insect and pest- resistant varieties thereby saving the expenditure on disease and pest control.

In a bid to boost horticulture in Kashmir valley, the administration is bringing in new scientific techniques and methods for the farmers to help them produce world class fruits. High density apple orchards are the latest buzz among the apple growers with many farmers growing various high density apple varieties in recent years. The popular varieties included Gala Red, Schinco Red, Jeromnie, Red Chief, Red Velox and Scarlet which have mostly been imported from Italy.

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