New land laws

New land laws


People of J&K have hailed new land laws as a major step towards development, progress and expect that now there would be investment in a big way.

They have a lot of expectations and that is the reason that the new land laws are being hailed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir as a major step towards development and progress of J&K.

The historic initiative of the government will revamp agriculture and allied sectors besides ensuring holistic development of all sectors.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, through an order on October 26, introduced amendments to 14 laws of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir and repealed 12 others.

Key amendments were made to four major state laws that governed the ownership, sale, and purchase of land in the erstwhile state, like the J&K Development Act, 1970, The J&K Land Revenue Act, 1996, The Agrarian Reforms Act, 1976 and The J&K Land Grants Act, 1960.

While progressive provisions of the repealed laws have been retained by including them in the modified Land Revenue Act, new provisions have been added to modernize existing laws.

There are provisions for setting up a Board of Revenue, Regional planning for regulating the use of land, alienation and conversion, land lease, consolidation and Contract Farming.

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