Farooq Abdullah pleads for sincere dialogue with people

Farooq Abdullah pleads for sincere dialogue with people


By: Javaid Malik MK


Srinagar MP and former chief minister Farooq Abdullah has said that the government of India should win the hearts of people by dialogue as the hard policy will yield no results.

He said that dialogue with people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan is the only way to end the uncertainty and killings.

According to news agencies, “The militancy will not end in Jammu and Kashmir until we are not able to find any solution, the people will continue to suffer and die and nobody will pay any heed”, Farooq told media persons in Srinagar on Wednesday.

He said the government of India should initiate a dialogue with the neighboring country Pakistan and try to win the heart of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said “the ministers are often announce that militancy will end…but I am telling them this will not end until you will not win the hearts of the people of Kashmir”

“Unless and until we start a dialogue with Pakistan to get the solution of the militancy, people will have to continue to die and suffer in Jammu and Kashmir”, he said.

Abdullah said “the militants target any community or anyone, India is a country of unity and diversity. India is a diverse country…what is in Tamil Nadu and Kashmir…neither culture, food nor weather is common and nothing in comparing…what makes us remain together is the unity of India. We should strengthen the diversity which led us to the unity of the country”, he said.

“If we try to break diversity the country will be put into misery and to come out from that would be very difficult”, he added.

Regarding the shootout incident that happened in Lal Bazar in downtown Srinagar on Tuesday in which an Assistant Sub Inspector died and two police personnel suffered injuries, Farooq said “it is very difficult to understand who is killing them and who is saving them”. “We condemn the incident and pray for the family to bear this loss”. He also urged the government to announce sufficient ex gratia relief in favour of the bereaved family so that they can live honorably”.

In a question regarding national Emblem shown more aggressive, Farooq said “in slavery it can happen, they can run a road roller tomorrow”.

Regarding the 13th July Martyrs day of Kashmir the former Chief Minister said, “It is unfortunate that they (government) have cancelled the holiday on the occasion of the 13th July martyrs and stopped people from paying homage at the Naqshband Sahab grave yard in downtown Srinagar on the occasion”.

Answering another question about the situation in Sri Lanka and if the inflation continues to rise, a similar situation could happen here, Farooq said “Anything can happen, God forbid, and save us from the circumstances through which Sri Lanka is passing at present. We pray for the people of Sri Lanka that they should come out of present problems and people see their lives flourished again”.

He said “the leaders of our country should keep in mind the present situation in Sri Lanka and understand it and take appropriate steps and never allow the situation to turn like that”.

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