Will Azad hold the key to run Congress in J&K?

Will Azad hold the key to run Congress in J&K?

By: Iqra Khan MK


Former Chief Minister and senior leader of Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad has recently shown that he is very much within the party and is keen to see that there is a new chief of his choice so that the party is restored at the grass root level especially in the Jammu region.

Though he was among the rebels, he has never shown any inclination to move out of Congress and with the result he has been consulted for many crucial decisions in the past by the party high command.

There are conflicting media reports about how Ghulam Nabi Azad is going to shape Congress in Jammu and Kashmir. Some media reports said that he will get Congress chief of his choice and run the affairs by remote control.

While other media reports said that Congress high command is going to make him chief of Congress for Jammu and Kashmir and the future chief ministerial candidate for the coming assembly elections.

Ghulam Nabi Azad has been instrumental in making Congress a force in Jammu and Kashmir and has served as Congress chief minister on his half turn when there was a coalition government with PDP.

Azad has also worked very hard in the Chenab Valley region of Jammu and has been able to make the Congress voice of people in many parts of Jammu but during the present times they are facing an uphill task to make the inroads into the BJP run areas.

In most of the areas of the Congress in Jammu region, BJP has been able to create an influence and if Azad is made the Congress chief he can galvanize the party cadres again to make it influential among the people.


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